Maintaining Ground Engineers on the Shortage of Occupations list

The Ground Forum has successfully lobbied to keep Ground Engineers on the Government’s Shortage of Occupations list.

The Migration and Advisory Committee (MAC) issued a report in February 2013 on the full review of the recommended shortage occupation lists for the UK and Scotland, a sunset clause and the creative occupations. On 20 August 2012 the Minister for Immigration commissioned the MAC to undertake a review of the shortage occupation lists for the UK and Scotland and to advise on proposals to automatically remove occupations from the shortage occupation list after 2 years (sunset clause).

The Ground Forum successfully argued that the following occupations within the ground engineering industry remained in shortage:

SOC Title and Code Job Title(s) Former job titles on the current Tier 2 shortage occupation list
Civil Engineers
SOC 2121
geotechnical engineer; tunnelling engineer Tunnelling engineer, geotechnical design engineer, geotechnical specialist, reservoir panel engineer, rock mechanics engineer, soil mechanics engineer, geomechanics engineer
Physical Scientists
SOC 2113
engineering geologist, hydrogeologist, geophysicist hydrogeologist, geophysical specialist, engineering geophysicist, engineering geomorphologist
Environmental Professionals
SOC 2142
Contaminated land specialist, geoenvironmental specialists, landfill engineer geoenvironmental specialists, geoenvironmental engineer, contaminated land engineer, landfill engineer

We continue to work to keep these occupations recognised through each review process.

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