The Register of Ground Engineering Professionals

The Register of Ground Engineering Professionals (RoGEP) provides external stakeholders, including clients and other professionals, with a means to identify individuals who are suitably qualified and competent in ground engineering.

Ground Engineering is defined by the Ground Forum as ‘an understanding of geological structures, materials and processes, combined with the systematic application of investigative, scientific and engineering techniques to produce practical solutions to ground related issues for the benefit of society’.

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Registrants may be consultants, contractors, from public bodies or academia. They may be involved in various disciplines or on various projects that fall under the broad heading of ground engineering.

RoGEP Registrants must have an appreciation of other disciplines and interests that extend beyond, but interface with, ground engineering. They must be able to demonstrate how ground engineering interacts with other technical professions.

Am I eligible?

There are five grades of Registrants:

    • Registered Ground Engineering Technician
    • Registered Ground Engineering Practitioner
    • Registered Ground Engineering Professional
    • Registered Ground Engineering Specialist
    • Registered Ground Engineering Adviser

For entry onto the Register as a Ground Engineering Specialist or Ground Engineering Adviser, applicants are required to be a professionally qualified member of ICE, the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining the Geological Society London, Engineers Ireland or the Institute of Geologists of Ireland. Engineering Technicians (EngTech) are eligible to apply for the Technician grade, Incorporated Engineers (IEng) for the Practitioner grade, and Chartered Engineers and Geologists (CEng/CGeol) for the Professional, Specialist and Adviser grades. For entry onto the Register at the Technician/Practitioner/Professional grade within 12 months of being awarded their professional qualification, applicants may submit an simplified application to the Register which includes their  professional review report.

More information about this route can be found in the RoGEP guidance document:

For full details and how to apply to register visit